Choosing a domain name

Choosing A Domain Name: A few tips

            A Domain name is an identification string (a sequence of characters) that is used to identify one or more Internet Protocol addresses. Choosing a domain name for your website, be it personal or business, is an important process, as when someone thinks of your website they’ll immediately think of it by its name, as such, it is important to choose the same or similar name for both your website and your domain.

            Choosing a domain name that helps people remember and find it easily is an important point. The other things to remember when giving a name to your domain are:

  • Easy to spell:

More often then not if the name of your domain has a confusing spelling, then people will find it difficult to find your website, and may soon lose interest in searching for it. As such, ensure that the domain name is easy to spell and remember.Choosing a domain name

  • Shorter Name:

Ensure that your domain name is short, as it will be easier for your visitors to remember and to type, as well as publicize about it to others. While sometimes a longer name is easier to remember, it is preferable to go for a shorter name as long as the name isn’t an obscure one, for example something like “”, which will make it harder for people to remember, and as such should be avoided.

  • Use of Hyphens:

Using Hyphen in the name of your domain does make it a clever domain name as it will help the search engines easily distinguish your site from others of similar name, it also has some disadvantages where the visitors may easily forget the correct placement of the hyphens. Because of this, if you do place a hyphen in your domain name, ensure that it is placed in a manner that is easy to remember.

  • Use of plurals and singulars while Choosing a domain name:

When giving a domain name for your website, ensure that the name makes sense in its plural or singular form.  Also if possible purchase both the singular and plural forms of your domain name, so as to ensure that the visitors are redirected to your website, regardless of whether or not the name name they typed was the singular or plural form of your domain name. For example: if your domain name is “”, and you have purchased both “game” as well as “games”, then if one were to type “” one would still be directed to your website. But if possible simply avoid names that have a singular/plural form.

  • Keyword while Choosing a domain name:

Choose a domain name that has many keywords related to your site. If your site is about beaded jewelery, then ensure that your domain name contains “bead” in it. This will help your visitors to properly understand and remember your site.

  • Use Domain Name Tools:

Use tools like “Domain Name Generator”, “Domain Name Searcher” and other similar tools to ensure that your domain name does not clash with existing ones.

            The above are few tips that can help you choose a domain name for your website. Following these tips will help you create unique and clever names from which choosing a domain name that suits your tastes will be easy.

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