Clever Domain Name

How to create a Clever Domain Name: A few Guidelines

            Creating a clever domain name that is uniquely yours and is easy to remember by your visitors is a process that is quite easy, if you follow a few guidelines that will help you in this process.

            The guidelines you can follow to help create your domain name are:

  • Spelling and Pronunciation:

Ensure that the name you have chosen is easy to pronounce and spell, as it will help your visitors to remember it as well as promote about it to others. This also ensures that your domain name is easier to search for in search engines.

  • Length of the Name:

Depending on the name you have chosen for your domain, its length will matter in its popularity. If it is too long and hard to remember then avoid using it, likewise if it is a short and jumbled up sequence of letters like “”, avoid using such names, as it will be hard for your visitors to spell it and/or search for it, as well as talk about it with their friends.

  • Use of Hyphens: Clever Domain Name

Using Hyphen in the name of your domain does make it a clever domain name as it will help the search engines easily distinguish your site from others of similar name, it also has some disadvantages where the visitors may easily forget the correct placement of the hyphens. Because of this, if you do place a hyphen in your domain name, ensure that it is placed in a manner that is easy to remember.

  • Keywords:

Whether your site is a business one or a personal one, list out a few keywords that will consistently appear in your website. For Example, if you are writing a blog on bonsai gardening, then your keyword list will contain the words “bonsai”, “garden”, “soil”, “plant” and so on. This will help you create a domain name that will contain one of the keywords of your site, and help your visitors to easily remember it.

  • Catchy and/or Rhyming:

If possible make create a domain name that will be catchy or rhyming and as such make it easier to remember by your visitors. For example, using two-word pairing names like: FireFox, MailChimp, TechCrunch, and so on.

  • Brand Name:

One of the domain name ideas is, if it is a business website, to ensure that the domain name contains the name of the brand that your business is promoting. For example, Pizza Hut’s website is “” which contains in it both the business organization name, as well as its product (pizza) name.

            To create a clever domain name the above points are important to remember and follow. And while it may take a while before you finally find a good domain name for your website, there are tools that will help in this process, like:

  • Domainr;
  • Dot-o-mator;
  • BustAName;
  • Domain Tools;
  • dnScoop; and so on.

            Using the above tools will ensure that the domain name that you will use does not already exist and may also help set your site apart from others. As such follow these guidelines and tools and create a clever domain name for yourself!

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