Domain Name Ideas

A Guide to Domain Name Ideas

            There exists many a different sites in the Internet that can give you many domain name ideas, depending on the type of website you are creating. But before you start searching through the net for these sites, you must first lay down a few things about your website and domain that will help in the naming process.

            Things to remember before you name and register your domain are:

  • What is your site about- Keywords:

Whether your site is a business one or a personal one, list out a few keywords that will consistently appear in your website. For Example, if you are writing a blog on bonsai gardening, then your keyword list will contain the words “bonsai”, “garden”, “soil”, “plant” and so on. This will help you create a domain name that will contain one of the keywords of your site, and help your visitors to easily remember it.Domain Name Ideas

  • Mix and Match:

If the domain name that you wanted already exists, then mix and match the keywords that you have, so as to make a name that will be unique and will be easy to remember and spell by your visitors.

  • Brand Name:

One of the domain name ideas is, if it is a business website, to ensure that the domain name contains the name of the brand that your business is promoting.

  • .com, .net, etc:

Find out what kind of TLD (top level domain) you want for your website, as well as what is available. If you want your site to be a national one, then get the TLD of your country. If you want an international one, then depending on the type of your website, choose your TLD. For example, if you want to crate an organizational website then “.org” would be preferable for your domain.

            After you have figured out what kind of a website you want, with a few keywords and tentative domain name ideas ready for you to use, find a tool that will let you know whether or not a domain name of your choosing already exists. If it does, then choose a different keyword or as mentioned above mix and match the keywords you have already chosen and find out if the new name exists.  If no, you have your domain name. If the new name also exists then simply repeat the process.

            Remember, it may take a while before you finally find a good domain name for your website. There are tools that will help in this process, like:

  • Domainr;
  • Dot-o-mator;
  • BustAName;
  • Domain Tools;
  • Domize;
  • Squurl;
  • DomainsBot;
  • dnScoop; and so on.

            And while these tools will help you out in choosing a domain name or even in giving you some domain name ideas, ultimately it is up to you to ensure that your domain name matches the content of your website.

            Ensure that before you start your site, you have a few domain name ideas and after choosing a proper name from amongst those, buy it as soon as possible and register it, so that you don’t lose it to someone else. Remember the above few points and have a happy domain name hunting!